Rajinder Singh

"Choreography is a score for a bodily or movement practice that purveys a politics in which power relations and ideological effects are rendered visible. I am interested in how choreography and the moving body create conditions of resistance to different hegemonic regimes such as colonialism and capitalism as well as magico-religious belief systems." 


Rajinder Singh (b Ipoh, Malaysia) lives in Dublin, Ireland. Rajinder’s paintings and installations as well as photography, video and performance work explore ideas around the vulnerable body and its pain, interrogating the economies of power that deny it space and shape. Often focused on the power of ritual action in the construction of the social body, his practice explores the ways the human body unfolds around various topographic and symbolic borders.


Rajinder graduated with a PhD in Engineering (UK) in 1993 and a Master's in Fine Arts (Singapore) in 2010. He is Artist in Residence at UCD is the MA Race, Migration and Decolonial Studies Artist in Residence 2020-2021.He was recently in Tulca 2019 and recent recipient of the Artist-in-Community Award from Create Ireland and FireStation Studios as well as a R&D Bursary. Rajinder is the founder of the contemporary art review magazine Drenched Reviews. Selected recent performances and exhibitions include Teh Tarik and the Flag, National Visual Arts Gallery of Malaysia; Ex-Voto, Galway Arts Centre, Ireland (2018); WoundBloom (performance) Wei Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (2017); Cage of Deliverance, Wei Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur ( 2016); Common Ground, Chan Hampe Gallery, Singapore (2015); Fold, ICA, Singapore (2012); MOLC, Chan Hampe Gallery (2012); Ya-ad, ICA, Singapore (2011); Ellaline, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London (2011).