Transdisciplinarity and Creative Collaboration Feb 6th LSAD

This hybrid event seeks to tease out, perform and collaboratively explore Creativity and Transdisciplinarity. Bringing together multiple actors from multiple disciplines, the series of events and happenings will be complemented by practitioner presentations, workshops and 7 creative stations, each working with, for and on one of the seven transdisciplinary habits of mind.

LSAD researcher Gianna Tomasso current research focuses on transdsciplinarity and third level Art and Design education. She is one of the co founders of Creative Collaboration Limerick, along with University of Limerick Architecture undergraduate Anna Blair.

Gianna’s research is primarily concerned with creative collaboration and transdisciplinarity as a tool for future pedagogies which see the skills of thinking and doing within third level art and design education extended beyond disciplines. Creative Collaboration Limerick is a collective that works to provide a space for people from all disciplinary backgrounds to collaborate on creative multi, cross, inter and transdisciplinary projects.

This event seeks to establish and experiment with the concept of creative collaboration and transdisciplinarity using the 7 transdisciplinary habits of mind. These tools or habits of mind aid creativity, problem posing and solution generation and help develop a resilient skill set by encouraging multiple ways of knowing, doing and seeing.*