*FreeSpace Invite to Collaboration

Creative Collaboration Limerick Members have been invited to participate in artist Fiona Woods Laboratory of Common Interest.

FREE*SPACE sets out to draw together social actors, activists and advocates to share views, practices and/or actions towards the production of spaces of common interest in the city, working through a process that aims to be mutually beneficial and co-productive. 

The work that is being developed through the FREE*SPACE project is building towards a public event-space in April 2019, the Laboratory of Common Interest, to coincide with the 12 day centenary of the General Workers’ Strike against British Militarism of 1919 known as the Limerick Soviet, from 15th - 27th April. The centenary is a focal point for an ad hoc group of workers, activists, artists, men’s sheds, food coops and more, who are developing actions for this 12 day centenary through a ground-up organising process.

The Laboratory of Common Interest is being co-produced with individuals and groups across the city. The Laboratory will take the form of an inclusive and welcoming space, hosting formal and informal events organised in collaboration with others, and also by anyone who proposes an event of mutual benefit. Discussions, workshops, printmaking events, visual presentations, a market place for common exchange and critical making processes are anticipated

CCL are having a meeting on Wednesday the 20th and are excited to have Fiona Woods talk to us about The Laboratory of Common Interest. CCL have made a cursory proposal for extensive involvement and look forward to our members contributing! We will outline our proposal at the talk. Please sign up to attend the event on Facebook here or email us!

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