Interactive Factual and Collaborative, Interactive Documentation - Lab of Common Interest

As part of our collaborative interaction with artist Fiona Woods two week project The Laboratory of Common Interest, Gianna Tomasso will be creating an 'Interactive Factual' which will attempt to document, capture and disseminate a plurivocal polyphonic outcome. This will include a type of database, numerous modes of classification of information arising from the event/s. A form of hyperlinked train of thought arising from the events, and a type of interactive participatory archive which will seek and document random and multimodal outputs from participants attending the events.

This project will aim to capture the peripheral 'happenings', the easy to miss utterances and the unforeseen links that occur within human interaction in a space.

If you wish to assist Gianna capture/process/organise/collect/interact during the two week event please message me at

More information of the events and happenings can be found here: