Lifelong Learning Event 3 Hour Art-Athon

Creative Collaboration Limerick and LSAD Postgraduate Researcher Gianna Tomasso invite you

to participate in the democratic collaborative creation of an art work. This art work will be made in

90 minutes. After an initial intensive 30 minute workshop in idea formation, the artwork will stem

from a democratically selected problem rooted in Limerick City with this years Lifelong Learning

Festival theme in mind:

This year the festival theme is Bridging the Gap’

It links with the symbolism of the ‘Three Bridges’ walking route in Limerick, and ‘bridging the

gaps’ in learning in our communities e.g. between young and old, rural and urban, returning to

learning, welcoming new communities, bridging regarding forging partnership links.

All participants are asked to bring three A4 printed images from Limerick City. These images can

be photographs or found images and will be used to initiate the conversation and final production of

the art work.

Various materials will be made available at the event. A projector, image software/basic mapping

software and physical materials such as pens, pencils, cardboard and other craft materials will be

available. A sound recorder, speakers and other tools will be available. Participants can bring

materials/objects they feel are relevant to their chosen images however no wet materials such as

paint inks etc can be used.

The aim is for the group to produce one or more art works collaboratively, bridging the gap between

what we think art and art making is, and what can be achieved using the ambiguity and

indeterminancy art making affords.

The final works will be photographed and disseminated in an online gallery page launched on the