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Are you an artist, an academic, a community worker, a scientist, a teacher, a performer……. or none of the above?

Creative Collaboration and Transdisciplinarity is an interactive one day event taking place in Limerick School of Art and Design on 6th February 2020. The event  will seek to activate new ways of thinking and doing, while formulating problems and proposing solutions. 

This  event is based around the seven Transdisciplinary Habits of Mind* and will see short presentations/performances/happenings by 14 different selected collaborators, each of which will activate the audience and seek to help formulate questions and answers from multiple perspectives. 

This is a hybrid event with keynote, performances, art works. technology, new media and interactive happenings. We are seeking participants who feel they might contribute to the collaborative thinking and who have an interest in transdisciplinarity. 


Please email gianna.tomasso@lit.ie

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The Seven Transdisciplinary Habits of mind

Punya Mishra, Matthew J. Koehler and Danah Henriksen

Educational Technology

Vol. 51, No. 2 (March-April 2011), pp. 22-28

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