Gianna Tasha Tomasso


Gianna is a Scottish born writer, researcher and visual artist.
Working with a wide range of materials and formats each body of visual work is rooted within varied yet systematic research methodology. With work ranging in subject matter from a focus on the conditions and institutions of visual culture and the new paradigm of the culture industries, to transdisciplinary art and research practices. Gianna is interested in the artist as a social choreographer, and considers her practice a type of 'borderwork'. Gianna is currently undertaking a research MA scholarship investigates how certain art practices can inform new methodologies of pedagogical transdisciplinarity. Giannas most recent project will be shown in National Museum Ireland Castlebar in Feb 2019, a work developed in collaboration with Tipperary Traveller Horse Owners Assocaiation and Tipperary Rural Traveller Network. More can be found on her work here and here