Eilís Walsh


Eilís a graduate of New Media and English at the University of Limerick. Her first venture into the arts was through writing fiction, which eventually led to her founding her lifestyle blog No Cat Got My Tongue in 2013. She was deputy editor of An Focal, @universityoflimerick's student newspaper and had a piece featured on Irish Times Online Newspaper. Her writings include interviewing musicians, artists and creatives in Limerick city, comments on life and sharing her photo series. Her love of expression transitioned into photography and at the moment is her preferred medium of expression. She has been attending gigs all over Limerick to practice her craft and experimenting ways to express words visually by combining her love of writing with photography. As of December 2018 she has produced 3 photo series which explore healing, mental health and insecurities. She joined the team in July 2018, adding the graduate element into Creative Collaboration Limerick. More of her work can be seen on her Instagram and her blog here