Pavithra Kannan

Pavithra Kannan

Pavithra Kannan was born and brought up in India, moved to Ireland, Limerick in August 2018 to pursue her Master’s in Social Practice and the Creative Environment. Upon completing Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in 2015, she has been a freelance Artist and a socially engaged art practitioner.


For her art is like a language, an expression and response to the world around. It allows one to see themselves and the world differently and for many people it can help to break the monotony of everyday life by lifting them out of their daily struggle. It is a subject that has interested her for a long time and has become an ingrained part of her Artistic practice. She believes that Art is the sheer freedom of interpretation of various things solely relating to one’s own perception. Art has always been a driving factor in her life. She has been drawing, sketching and painting for as long as she can remember and always imagined a career somehow related to art or design.


Her current project A Sip and Beyond is a Socially Engaged Art Project that revolves around Tea and the power of conversation. She believes that a small conversation can be a spark for greater change within people and community as a whole. This is a project that is a total dissolution of boundaries between Art and Life and tea would be the binding factor for a dialog to happen between people. The project is an experimental social project intended to traverse and create an equivocal space for dialogue to happen. Through conversations, the project intends to address the rigid dichotomy that exists between social stigmas and the community as a whole.


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