CCL see collaborative practice as fundamentally about entering a conversation,  meaningful dialogue and forming a relationship to fulfill the parameters of (any) project. It is about boundary crossing, entering another space together and ideally, in whatever way, creating a new one.  We see collaboration as the location of a language of communication. Supported by Irish Research Council New Foundation Award.

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creative collaboration

Creative Collaboration Limerick is a non-political, not-for-profit, non-hierarchical collective that aims to create a space in Limerick for students and graduates of all institutions/disciplines to collaborate together on  creative projects.

Creative Collaboration Limerick realises that creativity can be found in disciplines outside of art and design. We believe that different types of creativity, and different types of creative minds can aid each other in the realisation of something more.

Creative Collaboration Limerick sees the potential in itself as an alternative economy through the trading of skills. Its very nature involves both giving and learning.